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Some often ask "do you have some tape left ?"… no more for several months, but it was planned to produce some again. This time, it's done ! A brand-new model, new pictos, etc… So if you want to wrap your parcels, or your x-mas presents for auntie, or to stick on your room's walls. Send an e-mail to "contact" above

66m roll - limited edition - 7 euros


After a short summer stay in the atelier La Carpe in Lille (F), here's this new poster 30x40cm, screenprinted with 2 colors ; dark blue and gold.
A very handsome owl, on a "mille fleur" background, with a gotic frame…

For sale on www.ArtIsNation.com !!!

Thank you Erone and Ch'Pear for the help, the warm welcome, the tomato salad…

silkscreen poster YAMA

New silkcreen ! The original drawing for the flyer of the exposition in Marseille, at the beginning of 2012, was so pretty with this Yama face (come on, search !) that i wanted to make silkscreen posters with it. So i've been to Le Cagibi, Lille (F) to print this poster. 30x40 cm, 2 inks on colour paper. It's very nice the white ink on this kind of paper !
Thank you Antoine Duthoit, this time again

on sale on Art Is Nation.com

DIRTY MUSIC postcard

I received a parcel with my new postcards, with round corners !
A kind of cute flute player who tries to conquer a… thing ? A little bit inspired by the Pied Piper of Hamelin… well, with the varnish, the orange background is heavy, and nice colours. Pretty card. And the round corners are the little plus, it finishes the picture.

Well, if you want some, it's only 1 euro each !

stickers… new ones

 A new sticker, really marvelous eheh ! Quite big (6x13 cm) with black & white print onthe back. A kind of gentleman with top hat, because it's always smart.

FUN ME HARD stand-up figurines

Hi sweet little friends ! The 4th card of the serie Fun Me Hard arrived this morning in a parcel !
Fun Me Hard, it's a collection of cards to cut out, and you'll have small figurines that stand up, to put on your bitchy TV, or on your desk when you're bored at work or during bloody math lessons ! You can make them discuss, fight, etc… great isn't it ?
And this will make you figure, with your lil' podgy fingers !
There will be regularly new cards, as soon as there will be enough cash and if i'm in the mood for it.

If you want some, ask, we'll prepare you an envelope ! Thank you who ???



TOC, here's one of the board we received just before new year's day !

Not bad isn't it ? Ehehe, we were excited to receive them, we finished the creation few weeks ago.

So it was made for the small punk HxC records Crapoulet, located in Marseille (south of France), edited in 50 issues, size 8"

A character, a little bit rude, with pretty green sneakers on, who does a nice english sign… hum
With his friends : a rabbit, a rat and a vulture. And also few maggots and other nice things : nuclear power station chimneys and even a cute crap.
Ahhhhh, life is so pretty !

Well, the result is beautiful, shiny, colourful.
And the wood is tought, too, to ride.


To celebrate this, Crapoulet is organizing an XXX PROD.© expo in Marseille. More infos soon, we're working on it.


skate 8", edited to 50 issues
70 euros

RESIST OR SERVE screenprint 50x70

At the occasion of the show in Saint-Maur des Fossées (near Paris), i drew a rotring picture, to screeprint it.
It results a 50x70cm poster, 3 colors (royal blue, black and gold), a mix between old flemish paintings, pop things, or pets in a kind of Disney.

A very dense picture, full of details, with a lighthouse, a pigeon… with the goldy background, prettttty !

Screenprint poster, 3 colors (royal blue, black, gold) on off-white paper 300g - 50 euros
numbered, signed.



Well, i have to explain a little bit ; a couple of year mate Yann wanted to order a longboard in New-York, and asked me to draw him a thing on.
And few weeks ago, the yankee guys who produced this unique board, contacted us to produce it, but in series ! Great isn't it ? So i received some  (pictures)…

They just changed 2-3 details (added their logo on the leg, a background wallpaper, and erased an element that was on the top) but the lil' chick is still the same. The great thing is that you can custom your board : choose the shape, trucks, and above all the colors of the picture !
"la classe américaine !"

To order and etc, it's here :



Our Father in heaven, etc etc…
Anyway, here's an icon painted on heavy wood, about 10x15cm…

I wanted to paint on wood for a long time, so here we are…


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