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stickers… new ones

 A new sticker, really marvelous eheh ! Quite big (6x13 cm) with black & white print onthe back. A kind of gentleman with top hat, because it's always smart.

MY QUEENDOM FOR … postcards and stickers !

Here are creations for the handmade jewellery maker (and friend !) My Queendom For… who produces handmade and r'n'r kitschos ring, brooches etc… The logo (it's really her kat's head !), a sticker and a 10x15cm postcard, with the kitty on mess dress. Miaow isn't it ? ("and you, do you like cats ?")


YEAH! A real bad pineapple, it's a sticker for a music collective from Paris. Their logo is a pineapple so they asked me to design one with my vision... a 'lil stick 8 x 5 cm, pretty well. Isn't it?


PLOF, here are the sleeves with the stickers ! With a pretty label, a lil' pack of 10 stickers, limited edition of 75 copies. It's super tough on cars, computers… very resistant on cell phones too ! And with the transparent support it rocks !!!
For only 4 euros

MY QUEENDOM FOR … a sticker !

A logo and a sticker, for Katia AKA Katia from Rouen who makes r'nr jewelry inspired by tatoo, gothik kitch universe… but still a little bit "girly" !
Her website is here with her creations : www.myqueendomfor.com

PIMP MY RIDE - stickers for cars

Here are 4 different stickers to stick on your Renault Clio ! It's your neighbors who will be jealous, with their BMW ! The card is 9x13,5 cm, and the stick in the middle is pre-cut, coated with plastic. It'll blow up your car boomers !

4 models available - 4 euros/each


Here are pictures of a pack created for Konkrite, a company  based in Lille, a big town in the north of France. So you have an envelopp 22x22 cm and a poster 40x60 inside… and they even printed a sticker 8x8… 

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