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créations extérieures

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Logo created for the shop of my friend My Queendom For, who open this in Rouen (F). With lots of works by alternatives creators, jewels, paintings, artistic gadgets… only good things !

So, here's a horse !

Cheval Cheval
34 rue des Bons Enfants - Rouen



book of the lyrics from Jello Biafra, in french

Rytrut, a small indie DIY publisher (with books about CRASS and other good things) was preparing a book with the songs written by Jello Biafra, translated in french. Who is Jello Biafra, i did heard this ?? Pfff, Jello Biafra, from the Dead Kennedys ! Alternative Tentacles founder . A little bit like Mike Jagger for  rock, but for US punk, and more honest, straight, active and true to his convictions. A fuckin guy !!!
Read this en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jello_Biafra

So RYTRUT just published this reams (416 pages !), all his songs with his different bands and projects since 1978, with one illustration by song. So you'll find 4 scribbles XXX PROD.© for songs "kill the poor", "I am the owl", "The myth is real lets eat" and "I am your clock" (with Lard, i like this song !)
And lots of other artissss' friends : Antoine Duthoit, Anef, Pakito, Camille Déjoué, El Rotringo, Jampur Fraize, Taga, Dav Guedin, Seb Cazes… 

For sale here, only 24 euros !!!!

(sorry, the pictures below are not very good)


A nice grafic design for Crapoulet Records, for the back of the flyer of the XXX expo in Marseille.
A raw picture, kind of punkos collage. And the colours will vibrate, done to blind you and give you headaches ! In the face !!!!!!!!!!

(what do you think about doing t-shirts with this, Crapoulet ??? Or as a tattoo, come on !!!! )

The visuel for the show will come very soon (i'm just working on it, wait a minut !)

I could have draw a Minor Threat or Bad Brains t-shirt; (if u don't know this bands, listen it… close yr eyes and jump on your chair ! Pure energy )


(ehhh, why a bird who plays guitare ?)



Yes ! I lent a hand to do the flyer for the opening concert for the ANTIFASCIST FILM FESTIVAL in Reims, at the beginning of february.

Come to the show, to the film projections and to the debates, because we should not sleep !

Anyway, the concert will be oï and punk, antifa of course !
(come on, there will be mohawks, shaved heads and skin-girls !)



TOC, here's one of the board we received just before new year's day !

Not bad isn't it ? Ehehe, we were excited to receive them, we finished the creation few weeks ago.

So it was made for the small punk HxC records Crapoulet, located in Marseille (south of France), edited in 50 issues, size 8"

A character, a little bit rude, with pretty green sneakers on, who does a nice english sign… hum
With his friends : a rabbit, a rat and a vulture. And also few maggots and other nice things : nuclear power station chimneys and even a cute crap.
Ahhhhh, life is so pretty !

Well, the result is beautiful, shiny, colourful.
And the wood is tought, too, to ride.


To celebrate this, Crapoulet is organizing an XXX PROD.© expo in Marseille. More infos soon, we're working on it.


skate 8", edited to 50 issues
70 euros

MY QUEENDOM FOR … postcards and stickers !

Here are creations for the handmade jewellery maker (and friend !) My Queendom For… who produces handmade and r'n'r kitschos ring, brooches etc… The logo (it's really her kat's head !), a sticker and a 10x15cm postcard, with the kitty on mess dress. Miaow isn't it ? ("and you, do you like cats ?")


Here's a shot of the picture i did for the Kronik Zine. The original was 15x21cm, size of the book, but for the show we printed it 20x30 to frame it. Read below, it will be more simply.

The colors are like if it the print was failed, it reminds me an old Tintin cartoon i had when i was young (Cigars of the Pharaoh, i think), 4 pages had a fault, it was very strange for me at this period.
But here, it's intentionally ! I like it, it shimmers.

Ten thousand thundering typhoons!

Go to see the Kronik expo, lots of pretty pictures from their crew !

KRONIK fanzine - issue 6 + EXPO

The new Kronik fanzine is ready, the theme is apocalyspe (frightening isn't it ?). There a picture from me inside. And to celebrate this, they organise an exhibition from november the 11th in Paris. They'll print and frame my picture on A4 size, ohhhhhh !
Go there, the Kronik Crew is nice, even if their hair is untidy, and they don't wear shirts very often !

few infos here : http://blogkomikskronik.blogspot.com/2011/11/kronik-666.html

(i have no pictures for the moment, but i'll show you when i'll got some, ok ?)


My friend MacFly from Poska Nostra asked me to use my picture "Le Porteur de Lumiere" pour make t-shirts.
The result is a pretty thing, available on sand/ochre for men, little more kaki for women.

To order or infos, all is here, and MacFly is a nice guy ! PoskaNostra.com

you can see a larger picture of the one for girls, below

FANZINE KRONIK 5 - back to school

Eh, did you know that there is a pretty illustration i made in the fanzine Kronik #5, on the topic of childhood, schoolyears ? No, you didn't know it ? Link is here www.kronikomik.com/index.php

Go and see it, it's a good team ! 

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