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A pencil drawing, it's a Ronald Mac Donald buddy, who was beatten up. With lyrics below…
Maybe this funny character will end on a silkscreen or a poster or something.


Something else; new XXX PROD.© adhesive tape will arrive very soon, it's on the factory, so to be continued………


STACY SUGAR painting

The portrait of this hot Stacy Sugar (you don't know her ?), began a couple of months, is finished at last.
Acrylic paint, with some fluo (visual agression), painted frame… 30x45 cm

silkscreen poster YAMA

New silkcreen ! The original drawing for the flyer of the exposition in Marseille, at the beginning of 2012, was so pretty with this Yama face (come on, search !) that i wanted to make silkscreen posters with it. So i've been to Le Cagibi, Lille (F) to print this poster. 30x40 cm, 2 inks on colour paper. It's very nice the white ink on this kind of paper !
Thank you Antoine Duthoit, this time again

on sale on Art Is Nation.com

RESIST OR SERVE screenprint 50x70

At the occasion of the show in Saint-Maur des Fossées (near Paris), i drew a rotring picture, to screeprint it.
It results a 50x70cm poster, 3 colors (royal blue, black and gold), a mix between old flemish paintings, pop things, or pets in a kind of Disney.

A very dense picture, full of details, with a lighthouse, a pigeon… with the goldy background, prettttty !

Screenprint poster, 3 colors (royal blue, black, gold) on off-white paper 300g - 50 euros
numbered, signed.



Our Father in heaven, etc etc…
Anyway, here's an icon painted on heavy wood, about 10x15cm…

I wanted to paint on wood for a long time, so here we are…



Wellll, a cut-out picture of a poor lil' demon, in pain… It wasn't intentional, he even offers a present, pfff… tough…please, come to bite the apple…


It's a 3D picture, each element is cut and sticked on different levels; the background, the satan, the rainbow, etc…


Here's a shot of the picture i did for the Kronik Zine. The original was 15x21cm, size of the book, but for the show we printed it 20x30 to frame it. Read below, it will be more simply.

The colors are like if it the print was failed, it reminds me an old Tintin cartoon i had when i was young (Cigars of the Pharaoh, i think), 4 pages had a fault, it was very strange for me at this period.
But here, it's intentionally ! I like it, it shimmers.

Ten thousand thundering typhoons!

Go to see the Kronik expo, lots of pretty pictures from their crew !

KRONIK fanzine - issue 6 + EXPO

The new Kronik fanzine is ready, the theme is apocalyspe (frightening isn't it ?). There a picture from me inside. And to celebrate this, they organise an exhibition from november the 11th in Paris. They'll print and frame my picture on A4 size, ohhhhhh !
Go there, the Kronik Crew is nice, even if their hair is untidy, and they don't wear shirts very often !

few infos here : http://blogkomikskronik.blogspot.com/2011/11/kronik-666.html

(i have no pictures for the moment, but i'll show you when i'll got some, ok ?)



a naive small pencil color drawing of a teddy bear ... Ideal for a child's room or a gothic place… make your choice…

CANVAS - the offering



New canvas, 30x40cm, with lots of beautiful colors, a kind of sad offering penitent with a pointed hood… (nothing to see with the fuckin'-sons-of-a-bitch KKK !)
A heart under a glass dripping blood. Well, it's party time!

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