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The exhibition "Sur le Fil" is open since the 10th of october in Lille (North of France).

This exhibition presents pieces made with threads ; canvas, embroideries, knits…
And so there are several canvas by XXX PROD.©, canvas kits too…
A good reason to go and visit the city of Lille.

Then the exhibition will go to the south of France, in Sète, at the MIAM (Musée International de l'Art Modeste)… 

• LILLE : from the 10th of october till the 22th of november 2009 - Maison Folie Wazemmes
• SÈTE : from the 12th of december till the 19th of april 2010 - Musée International de l'Art Modeste


Here are pictures of the altar created with Antoine Duthoit for the exhibition of the end of may, in Lille (north of France). Antoine made the big construction of cardboard (about 1m x 1,50m), and drew lots of decorative elements, in his ornate style. And i did all the offerings, with a heavy line too… lots of weird things, inspired by voodoo and santeria altars. The 2 designs make a good and coherent mix.

To see other pictures, click above, it's written "read more" eheheh…



A future exhibition by La Girafe, friends from Lille (in the north of France). The show is called VERSUS cose it's a collaboration with 2 artists, and Antoine Duthoit asked me to do it together with him. He draws psychedelic patterns and forms.

Cagibi - 8 rue de Wazemmes
LILLE Moulins
on the 29th of may, at 18:00
Till the beginning of july

It's a very nice place to discover, and good guys !


3 stands to come :
PARIS : " DIY BOOGIE" in the musical center FGO-barbara - 1 rue Fleury - XVIIIe - PARIS
Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of April from 2:00PM to 8:00PM

CHAUMONT : self-goods fair, as part of the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival.
Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th of May

LILLE : First artist book fair in "Saint Sauveur"
Thursday the 21 and Friday the 22 of May
with the artist : Sortez la Chienne, la Girafe, Allemane… come and let's drink together smelling our nose each other !

So in order to see real object of XXX production : posters, badges, key rings, t-shirts, canvas kits…
You guys are welcome ! It's most often a great meeting and moment...


Back from Quebec, Montreal, where now you can find some XXX PROD.© stuff in 2 places :
- GLAMORT - 4411 Notre-Dame west
tatoo shop directed by Yann Black and Olive. There a space for exhibitions also. Artists tattooists, super style !

- L'ASPIRINE - 375 rue Roy east
A galery hold by the nice and talented doll-nurse and painter Fabesko !
Very "cute" place, good selection of artists, welcoming surroundings , dolls, little things everywhere…


I uploaded for you photos of the two exhibition incur.
The hudge space avaible gave the possibility to show big size works and specially my painting (2m x 1,50m).
And I showed a new project : it's a plastic tarpaulin (like a wallpaper) : 1,80m x 80cm. I have the idea of producing it for a real wall... let's think about it.


A double exhibition in 2 tatoo fairs hold by Julien, Emilie and Jasmine in Chalons-en-Champagne and in Epernay (the capital city of Champagne !!!).

opening receptions - from 6:00pm
- the 14th of november in Epernay
- the 15th of november in Chalons-en-Champagne

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