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MINETTE 6 - le magazine

Number 6 of the Minette Magazine, "plastic surgery special" is available for sale!
What the hell ? You don't even know the Minette Magazine ? That's a magazine (you know it now) made by girls, for girls! Heck yeah eh! You seriously sucks!
For this issue completely silkscrenned, the drafting team (totally irresponsible and alcoholic) asked me to make the cover! ahaha! Right... and so i also made the comm' ; flyers and stickers.
So run to buy it (well, via the Internet, you will less run!) !!!!! There are only 120 copies !!

5 euros - 16 pages (cover included) - 2 color printing (glitter black and fluo pink)
14x20 cm - 120 numbered copies
commands, info: cagibisilkscreen@gmail.com or  minettemagasine@gmail.com

Collective exhibition "Poska NOSTRA" 2011

Last year I had few paintings in Rouen for a big exhibition called POSKA NOSTRA.
This year I'll do it again! The exhibition is organized by the Plastik Soldier team (from Toulouse), with a lot of people from all over France

Poska NOSTRA exhibition - 6th May to 3rd June 2011
Centre Culturel Jean Prevost - Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray (near Rouen)



Ms. Gruikkk,Tushgun and Sisca Locca worked hard to find a small exhibition place in Paris, with the designers who allready work for the Minette fanzine.
It will be next week, in the Maquis (Paris 18e), and during 15 days. We will laugh with the Apaches normally it will bring ... it smells like peak and tattoo !!!!!
with : Dgrrr, maze, Sisca Locca, Taga, Pat Pujol, ET, Peggy V., XXX Prod. ©, Tushgun Dave Guedin, Jokoko, Nancy Van Reeth & Gruiiikkkk

From 1st to 15th November
opening on Tuesday 2nd from 19:00

at "Le Maquis" 
53 rue des Cloÿs - PARIS 18ème
Metro Jules Joffrin



The famous artist El Rotringo (yes, the guy from Sortez la Chienne) work hard since months to organize an exhibition in Lille, on the topic of fake paintings, homage to painters and other wicked copies.

with works by:
Anef, Stéphane Blanquet, Michelle-Ann Dix, Sophie Dutertre, Antoine Duthoit, Nathalie Ficheux, Eric Heilmann and Lawrence Small, Knapfla, Koa, The Chrixxx, Yann Legrand, Chloé Poizat, Rocco, the collective Rouge Gorge (Jose Maria Gonzalez, Antonio Gallego and Daniel Guyonnet), The Pit, Ymer Tragg, XXX Prod. ©

October 16th to November 28th
Maison Folie Wazemmes - LILLE

Exhibition "SUR LE FIL" moves in Oyonnax : Oct. 7th 2010 to feb. 5th 2011

The collective exhibition of canvas, embroidered stuff, woven or knitted, continues to run alone, after Lille (north of France close to the belgium border, ou see ?) and Sète (on "La Côte d'Azur" !) it comes to Oyonnax (what weird name!) in the county of Ain.
So it will be hooked up to February 5th, 2011.

SHOW in LILLE - shots

Here are 2 pictures from the show in Lille, north of france, which is finished. There were other paintings in the first floor, in the stairwell, the skate boards were presented too, etc… but the photos are ugly, well, anyway it's just like that, to show…

In 2 days, the Iggy Pop concert !!!!


Ehhh, you like tasty french fries and good beers ? So come on the north of France in LILLE to see the XXX PROD.© show !
You'll see a lot of nice pictures, it's going to be maxi-cool !


   18th of march - 15th of april
opening reception 18th of march at 19:00

     at the Monde Moderne
12 rue des Trois Couronnes - Vieux Lille

collective SHOW "POSKA NOSTRA" 2nd edition

A group exhibition on Rouen (east-north of France), for the end of february, organised by Plastik Soldier. A lot of artists : Web, Idem, Tonus, Nadia, Ecloz, Fab Delaunay, Psilo Grafx, Macfly, Stoul, Lioussia, Bullitt, le collectif 100Pression, KKO, Dély, Shério, Miyu Misaki, Gilen, Blasté, Kozet, Stéphanie, Oster, Ant/Pandakroo…
From a lot of towns in France, Belgium, islands too !!!!
Come to meet us, see works and have a drink !

          feb. 26th till march 27th
   opening reception : februray 26th - 18:30

Centre socioculturel Jean-Prévost
Free entrance from tuesday to saturday
02 32 95 83 66   www.saintetiennedurouvray.fr



Well, so from the 12th of december, till the 18h of april 2010, the textile exhibition (see below) will be in Sète (south of France) at the Musée International de l'Art Modeste.

The inauguration… well euhh, it was today at 18:00, so u can go but there probably will not have a lot of people, and nothing left to drink or eat… u rats !


BRING THE NOISE silkscreen print

Here's the result of one and half week in Lille and the north of France, to work on a silkscreen poster.
Great period of intense job with friend Antoine Duthoit (thanks !!!), with breaks ; beer, french fries, beere, french fries… But good belgian beers or homemade french fries, mhhhh, so tasty !
Well, the technique is very great and hand-crafted, and each print is done with sweat, to pull on the ink… tough but so interesting ! 

So we'got a poster 50x70, on 250g paper, printed with 2 colors ; fluo pink and black.
51 prints, numbered and signed.
For sale, 50 euros.

to see a larger picture, click below

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