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eXXXpo at Cheval-Cheval - ROUEN

At last, we'll do this expo at the shop Cheval-Cheval !
Shop in Rouen (the town where Joan of Arc finished BBQed) full of creative objets, artistic creations, rock bibelots, trash, original, etc… I will bring paintings, drawings, slikscreens to pin on the walls eheh


from october 6th till end of november
 (we don't really know)
vernissage on october, saturday 6th at 18:00

34 rue des Bons Enfants - ROUEN


Come on, we'll tell bullshits, eat chips. And at 2am we'll get kick out the last open bar, and we'll end with Bibiche in someplace


stand at the DIY MARKET at Paris, on the 3rd of June

XXX PROD.© will be on the 4th DIY MARKET with all his little productions (silkscreens, badges, t-shirts, coloring books, skateboards, etc…)
There will be Art Is Nation with the silkscreens too… and lots of girls who make r'n'r jewelry, drawings and so on…
sunday june the 3rd 2012 - from 14:00 to 20:00
bar UFO - 49 rue JP Timbaud PARIS XIe
M° Parmentier, Oberkampf ou Couronnes

infos www.facebook.com/diy.market.paris

eXXXpo in Liège, Belgium, from may the 3rd till june the 3rd

 After the expo in Marseille, freshly taken down, XXX PROD.© goes into exile in Belgium, in Liège !
I wanted to have an expo there for a long time, this time it's confirmed, it will be on the 3rd of may 2012.
Come on, you've seen this beautiful flyer i've done for you, you'll be able to pick some to pin on your closet's walls ! And to drink fucking good belgian beers


3rd may to 3rd june

vernissage on thursday june the 3rd at 19:00

You Art Gallery
en Féronstrée 133 - LIEGE (B)

2 press-articles about the exposition


First, the Télérama website where there's a nice small text and few pictures (in french only, sorry)
télérama article



And there's a picture of the skateboard and a short text about the exposition in Marseille, in RISE mag, about tatoo (right)

eXXXpo à Marseille


After the creation of the skate for Crapoulet Records, he's organising an expo XXX PROD.© in Marseille (south of France, on the Mediterranean coast).
Of course there will be the skate board, and lots of other works ! (see in january 2012).
I hope we won't drink Pastis for the opening, i don't like it !


expo XXX PROD.©
24th february-6th april
opening friday, february 24th

LOLLIPOP music store
2 bvd Théodore Thurner
Marseille VIe - cours Lieutaud
M° Cours-Julien, N.D. Du Mont



XXX PROD.© MARKETS ____Tours 16-17-18 dec.____Paris 17-18 dec.

December is the month of Xmas markets and other artistic stands, so come to give money to your friend XXX PROD.©, 2 week-ends in december :

--- TOURS at the FreeMarket ---
Les Halles de Tours - Place Gaston Pailhou
friday 9th 16-22:00         saturday 10th 10-22:30     sunday 11th 10-19:00
with friend Fabesko, great artist !


--- PARIS at Marché Indé ---
centre musical Fleury Goutte d'Or Barbara - 1 rue Fleury 18° - métro Barbès-Rochechouart
saturday 17th 13-19:00     sunday 18th 13-19:00
here there will be the marveloussss screenprint posters of Art Is Nation.com !

KRONIK fanzine - issue 6 + EXPO

The new Kronik fanzine is ready, the theme is apocalyspe (frightening isn't it ?). There a picture from me inside. And to celebrate this, they organise an exhibition from november the 11th in Paris. They'll print and frame my picture on A4 size, ohhhhhh !
Go there, the Kronik Crew is nice, even if their hair is untidy, and they don't wear shirts very often !

few infos here : http://blogkomikskronik.blogspot.com/2011/11/kronik-666.html

(i have no pictures for the moment, but i'll show you when i'll got some, ok ?)

EXPO in Saint-Maur des Fosses

A future show will occur at the Galery Myriagone, in a town very close to Paris. But it's not only a galery but also a silkscreen atelier, so a tall poster will be print for the occasion… i'm working on the drawing, it seems that it will be pretty !
Some pictures soon…
Some very big paintings will be shown there, taht a cannot expose often because of the size.


october 14th to november 26th
opening reception on october 14 at 18:30

16 avenue Desgenettes - Saint-Maur des Fosses


XXX PROD.© STAND in Paris, sunday september 4th

Yes, this week-end, à the bar UFO. Come, there will be friends ; the jewellery by "My Queendom For", and the marvelous screenprint posters by Art Is Nation (.com !)

And it's in a bar, so we'll be able to have a drink, eh !


sunday, september 4th from 14:00 to 20:00

bar l'UFO
49 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud - 11°
Metro : Parmentier or Oberkampf

links, FB , exhibitors, etc : www.diy-market.fr

MINETTE - the exhibition

Here, some pictures of the "Minette" exhibition , after the fanzine was printed ... you'll find details below

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