3 mobiles to hang on the ceiling, printed recto-verso of course. Ideal to decorate a child's room or toilets.
The project fall behind because of the print tests, the summer holidays… But now, it's finished.

about 28 x 22 cm - 6 euros each


Here's a new creation "love your money". It's a serie of 18 one-off collages, made from stickers and other XXX-works. Sold in a smart blister, numbered… u only have to pin it on your wall.

19 x 12cm - 8 euros


As a rat who'd flee from the burning sun of this end of august month, i moved for 10 days to a garage, to make big size paintings. With paintings on the fingers, dirty jeans and old tapes from the Beasties B. or No Use For a Name. GLOP GLOP !
Heavy period, staggered times, shitty food, but it was life !

3 paintings were done. First one, this Horus, with acrylic paint, 1m x 70cm. Shinny colours, there's fluo paint, violent contrast and in the middle, this kind of sparrow, ready to fight.
The 2 other paintings, bigger, are quasi-finished. Pictures soon.

Whatever, this big size works opened new possibilities.

And to end this 10 intense days, we had a Jello Biafra concert in Paris, on the 31st of august ! This summertime was productive, with 10 new works !




Two bunnies, rather nice, except one who's gonna fucking eat the small one.

pencils, felt-tip and rotring




Another drawing for the future exposition Super-Heroes in Montreal… (Je Me Souviens).

A kind of SuperGirl nun, drawn with watercolour pencils. It gives a light and cloudy effect so cutesy !



 Well, we can say that Bambi's Mom wasn't so uptight…

To pay tribute to her, here's a new canvas recently produced in our atelier "canvas, couture, chicken and sweet peppers sauce". A HOT canvas to pin above your bed, you young spotty teenager !


About canvas, some of the XXX ones will be in an exposition, in Lille in the north of France, with lots of other artisss'.

The exposition will move to Blois and then to Sete in the south of France, at the Musée International de l'Art Modeste. Dates and places will be known in september.



Here a small new painting (13,5 x 18,5 cm), for a future show organised by Fabesko in Montréal, at the "Aspirine Galery", around the theme of the Super-Heroes.

This one is a little bit crummy, in his small suit. BUT there's a gold background, so hype !

The show will occur in september, more infos soon…



Here are pictures of the XXX PROD.© stencil, taken by the friend Imagora. It was painted in the street of Toulouse, in the south of France. Nice background, especially the wood.

If you want to send your pictures of this stencil, send them ! And if you don't have the stencil, you poor punk, ask for it and you can receive it in your mailbox or just by internet.



The project was waiting for 2 and half year, the picture was ready but the production fall behind, but after lots of difficulties, here's at last the first edition of the XXX skateboard !!!!!
So it's a 7'75 deck, on an acid blue background, with a cute mermaid on it "Lilltle Trouble Girl", from a song by Sonic Youth on the Washing Machine album.
She holds a riffle on one hand, and her HardCore bible on the other.
The board will be printed at 50 issues, with stickers under the blister.
It will be for sale officially during this summer.
Anyway that's a great project, on a funny base. And above all it's the first board edited in serie !

NO !

 A small badge, with the angry heart from a poster created recently. For sale, 1 euro

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