rock'n'roll WEDDING

A r'n'r wedding announcement, with a dinosaur, a dodo and even Mister Peanut (yum-yum !). There are little stickers too… Uncommon announcements for a uncommon wedding…



Another small drawing, pencil + rotring pen, inspired by middle-age tapestries… Go and see the marvelous Tapestry of the Apocalypse in Angers (France)…


At the moment, a lot of tries and other sketches. Because soon there will be a screenprint session in Lille. So this painting is making of the tries… Ink and pink fluo painting…



A new canvas, not very big, 21 x 27cm. With a title from a song from a french rock band called Dyonisos… It means "be quiet my heart"…



A numerical print in a very very fancy goldy frame. It measures 1m x 50cm, the picture was already visible on a XXX-postcard.
That's true, but this deer is so great ! And he's got an Alternative Tentacles sticker on his guitar !

XXX in N-Y


The exhibition "Sur le Fil" is open since the 10th of october in Lille (North of France).

This exhibition presents pieces made with threads ; canvas, embroideries, knits…
And so there are several canvas by XXX PROD.©, canvas kits too…
A good reason to go and visit the city of Lille.

Then the exhibition will go to the south of France, in Sète, at the MIAM (Musée International de l'Art Modeste)… 

• LILLE : from the 10th of october till the 22th of november 2009 - Maison Folie Wazemmes
• SÈTE : from the 12th of december till the 19th of april 2010 - Musée International de l'Art Modeste


XXX PROD.© made a nice ad for the famous CLIMAX BOB 3000, in the new fanzine of Santa Gruikk and Sisca Locca : Minette Mag'. A fanzine by girls, for girls… with pictures, photos and texts by Dame Kuikui, Peggy V, LovXN, TrashSab, TigerFish, Tushgun, Nicoz, Magnetboy, Malak, Nancy van Reeth, Mel and of course Santa Gruikkk and Sisca Locca ! Available for 3 euros only !!!!

> infos and sale :


A lovely birth announcement card for little Oscar, a new baby ! He's Capucine's young brother of course ! Pretty animals, shinny colors… ohhh, so cute……


Here are pictures of the altar created with Antoine Duthoit for the exhibition of the end of may, in Lille (north of France). Antoine made the big construction of cardboard (about 1m x 1,50m), and drew lots of decorative elements, in his ornate style. And i did all the offerings, with a heavy line too… lots of weird things, inspired by voodoo and santeria altars. The 2 designs make a good and coherent mix.

To see other pictures, click above, it's written "read more" eheheh…


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