SUPERSTAR - like a virgin !



HOP, a small hand-made drawing, with rotring pen, showing a religious theme… well, not really.
A personal version of the Madonna and Chid, with a big sad mosquito…

TRUST ME - the postcard !

I concretise an old desire, a postcard with round corners ! It's not only a postcard but a real object by itself… styyyyylin' !!!!With this picture of the 2 small rabbits.

So, it's available, for 1 euro eh !!! To wish an happy birthday to your young sister for example !!


Ehhh, you like tasty french fries and good beers ? So come on the north of France in LILLE to see the XXX PROD.© show !
You'll see a lot of nice pictures, it's going to be maxi-cool !


   18th of march - 15th of april
opening reception 18th of march at 19:00

     at the Monde Moderne
12 rue des Trois Couronnes - Vieux Lille



Oval painting with nuns. Made with water colour pencil and rotring pen. This good old 0,35 of course…
18 x 24 cm

collective SHOW "POSKA NOSTRA" 2nd edition

A group exhibition on Rouen (east-north of France), for the end of february, organised by Plastik Soldier. A lot of artists : Web, Idem, Tonus, Nadia, Ecloz, Fab Delaunay, Psilo Grafx, Macfly, Stoul, Lioussia, Bullitt, le collectif 100Pression, KKO, Dély, Shério, Miyu Misaki, Gilen, Blasté, Kozet, Stéphanie, Oster, Ant/Pandakroo…
From a lot of towns in France, Belgium, islands too !!!!
Come to meet us, see works and have a drink !

          feb. 26th till march 27th
   opening reception : februray 26th - 18:30

Centre socioculturel Jean-Prévost
Free entrance from tuesday to saturday
02 32 95 83 66

MINETTE MAG' - number 2

The Minette Mag' number 2 is available !!! Yop-yop, isn't it ? In this issue, XXX PROD.© shows you an ad for the Tarte à la Merde ! (it means Shit Pie) Your children will adore ! With lots of misses not very pretty but nice, who drew cute pictures : Jurg, Malak, Dav' Guedin, Sisca Locca, Madame Gruikk, Nicoz…

> infos and sale :

SKATE AND DIE… enfin !!!!!!

Here they are !!!! At last, the skateboard issue "Little Trouble Girl" arrived on the 24th of december !! Thank you Santa !!! We waited for it for 3 years !!!
But it's done, 30 prints, blue back, 8 inches, good wood. A beautiful object !!
And it was so interesting that i did a unique piece, with paint and rotring ink for that sexy sheap "madame", Kick Out The Jam !

You can buy one of the "Little Trouble Girl" board, it's 70 euros… cheap thanks to the cash u had for xmas, your grandma gave u some in a little envelopp !!! INFOS : contact in the left-top menu


Well, so from the 12th of december, till the 18h of april 2010, the textile exhibition (see below) will be in Sète (south of France) at the Musée International de l'Art Modeste.

The inauguration… well euhh, it was today at 18:00, so u can go but there probably will not have a lot of people, and nothing left to drink or eat… u rats !

BRING THE NOISE silkscreen print

Here's the result of one and half week in Lille and the north of France, to work on a silkscreen poster.
Great period of intense job with friend Antoine Duthoit (thanks !!!), with breaks ; beer, french fries, beere, french fries… But good belgian beers or homemade french fries, mhhhh, so tasty !
Well, the technique is very great and hand-crafted, and each print is done with sweat, to pull on the ink… tough but so interesting ! 

So we'got a poster 50x70, on 250g paper, printed with 2 colors ; fluo pink and black.
51 prints, numbered and signed.
For sale, 50 euros.

to see a larger picture, click below


Another sketch…We don't really know what we see, it's zoo, dark, undefined sexuality…

Life is not always nice…

BUT there are still little stars, so everything's alright !

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