SILK SCREEN POWA ! 2 new pictures


After spending several days in the "Cagibi" atelier, I made  2 new screenprint productions :
the first is a 24x30 paper format with "Le Porteur de Lumiere" (it means Lightbringer) in 2 inkscolors. On different kinds of paper (fluorescent, printed, old ...)

And also stickers on a sheet of transparent support, yummy! That will go into a pocket soon.

Le Porteur de Lumière
123 numbered and signed copies on white paper 24 x 30cm - 2 inks

25 euros



A mini-icon with gold, rounded corners and all, like a real one ! A rude rat.
Cute, small tiny size 9 x 6.5 ...
Well here it is…

INTERVIEW XXX PROD.© in "Addictif Zine"

Here is an interview with questions and even some answers ... It's for the fanzine "Goéland", rock'n'roll !
you want to know about XXX PROD. © and you're to shy to ask?
So go see there :
(euhhh, you'd better learn to speak french before eheh !) 


HOP ! A nice little drawing with my friend rotring… He's so cute in his little teddy bear costume, but he doesn't seem to be too joyfull !
Can you belive it ?!

MY QUEENDOM FOR … a sticker !

A logo and a sticker, for Katia AKA Katia from Rouen who makes r'nr jewelry inspired by tatoo, gothik kitch universe… but still a little bit "girly" !
Her website is here with her creations :

birthday FANZINE for "Le Cagibi"


To celebrate the 1st year of the collectif called Cagibi, in Lille, they asked all their friends, and those who came to worked and other friends of bars, to draw a picture to make a fanzine in screenprint ... A very nice thing; they mixed the colors, the pictures, so each copy is totally unique ... good job once again guys !


Sometimes we have friends who are nice, but it is never as good as the cockroaches… well…

PIMP MY RIDE - stickers for cars

Here are 4 different stickers to stick on your Renault Clio ! It's your neighbors who will be jealous, with their BMW ! The card is 9x13,5 cm, and the stick in the middle is pre-cut, coated with plastic. It'll blow up your car boomers !

4 models available - 4 euros/each

SHOW in LILLE - shots

Here are 2 pictures from the show in Lille, north of france, which is finished. There were other paintings in the first floor, in the stairwell, the skate boards were presented too, etc… but the photos are ugly, well, anyway it's just like that, to show…

In 2 days, the Iggy Pop concert !!!!

BRING THE FIRE - silkscreen

Here's a silkscreen version of the drawing with the 2 drawings. Printed with Antoine Duthoit at the Cagibi, once again. Like the original, 2 colors, black and fluo pink. It's definitively a great technique, which offers a lot of possibilities. And Antoine is more and more efficient, sweet aztec bear !

60 prints numbered-signed, on white paper 35 x 50cm. And few tries on different papers and cloth.
For sale 35 euros.

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