THE LONELY KING - silkscreen

A new crossing at Cagibi in Lille, a here's a silkscreen print of the drawing "The Lonely King" on his lil' mushroom...
Made with the help of Antoine Duthoit as usual, but also with La Ptite Caille who worked well !


41 numbered copies on white paper, signed 24 x 30 cm.
2 inks (blue-green and dark brown)
On sale at 25 euros.



larger picture below at "read more"


ahhh, this morning, a nice and very heavy package in the mailbox, with lots of beautiful 2011 calendars !
It's a creation for the printers "Sergent Papers" in Toulouse. A calendar 20x30 double-sided, with the wishes, moons and even the holidays ... You're in which area ?
There was a lot of prints, so if you want some, "just ask and you will be fulfilled," it's free !!!!!

MOBILE infected


A new mobile, which is an adaptation of one of my sticker. The design was nice, and it works really well on mobile, hung from the ceiling (like a little piggy).

about 28 x 17 cm - 6 euros



Ms. Gruikkk,Tushgun and Sisca Locca worked hard to find a small exhibition place in Paris, with the designers who allready work for the Minette fanzine.
It will be next week, in the Maquis (Paris 18e), and during 15 days. We will laugh with the Apaches normally it will bring ... it smells like peak and tattoo !!!!!
with : Dgrrr, maze, Sisca Locca, Taga, Pat Pujol, ET, Peggy V., XXX Prod. ©, Tushgun Dave Guedin, Jokoko, Nancy Van Reeth & Gruiiikkkk

From 1st to 15th November
opening on Tuesday 2nd from 19:00

at "Le Maquis" 
53 rue des Cloÿs - PARIS 18ème
Metro Jules Joffrin



The famous artist El Rotringo (yes, the guy from Sortez la Chienne) work hard since months to organize an exhibition in Lille, on the topic of fake paintings, homage to painters and other wicked copies.

with works by:
Anef, Stéphane Blanquet, Michelle-Ann Dix, Sophie Dutertre, Antoine Duthoit, Nathalie Ficheux, Eric Heilmann and Lawrence Small, Knapfla, Koa, The Chrixxx, Yann Legrand, Chloé Poizat, Rocco, the collective Rouge Gorge (Jose Maria Gonzalez, Antonio Gallego and Daniel Guyonnet), The Pit, Ymer Tragg, XXX Prod. ©

October 16th to November 28th
Maison Folie Wazemmes - LILLE

Exhibition "SUR LE FIL" moves in Oyonnax : Oct. 7th 2010 to feb. 5th 2011

The collective exhibition of canvas, embroidered stuff, woven or knitted, continues to run alone, after Lille (north of France close to the belgium border, ou see ?) and Sète (on "La Côte d'Azur" !) it comes to Oyonnax (what weird name!) in the county of Ain.
So it will be hooked up to February 5th, 2011.


A dove euhhh… of peace, maybe !
Done with rotring pen, with fluo pink in the background to screw up your eyes.

SPONGEBOOBS at "le Cagibi"

The young and dynamic team of Le Cagibi was planning to do a screenprint fanzine with the theme "SpongeBoobs" (difficult to translate correctly). So everyone is stuck there, and here are photos of the production, and the XXX PROD.© drawing... They even put a real sponge screen-printed on the cover !

More details to buy the zine on the website of Le Cagibi.
Come on, support the small business, buy their fanzines !!!!!!

teen workshop - ALICE IN WONDERLAND

I worked on a painting workshop which took place during one week, in August for teens in Reims. For summer holidyas. The theme was Alice.
They first painted a substantive, a little abstract with another artist, and after that I brought the pictograms, characters they painted with me... We worked on based painted collages, stencils, helped with a projector. It was very nice to work with kids!
Then a third artist came to do arabic calligraphy, to complete the set. Pictures of the final result will follow… 


PLOF, here are the sleeves with the stickers ! With a pretty label, a lil' pack of 10 stickers, limited edition of 75 copies. It's super tough on cars, computers… very resistant on cell phones too ! And with the transparent support it rocks !!!
For only 4 euros

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