Collective exhibition "Poska NOSTRA" 2011

Last year I had few paintings in Rouen for a big exhibition called POSKA NOSTRA.
This year I'll do it again! The exhibition is organized by the Plastik Soldier team (from Toulouse), with a lot of people from all over France

Poska NOSTRA exhibition - 6th May to 3rd June 2011
Centre Culturel Jean Prevost - Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray (near Rouen)


 Well then... since a while, we're working together with La Petite Caille (web programmer) when we're ordered websites creation. And we often talked of setting up a website selling online screeprint art, to present the work of other artists we like. Indeed, around us there are full of silkscreen drawings that lay great stuff, and we have the technical expertise to built a selling website efficient, safe and convenient.
We have do it together to develop the site, so here's the online site:

You'll see a good selection of creatives artists who produce silkscreen posters, limited, often numbered and signed… Lots of new others will follow. Of course, posters screen-printed by XXX PROD.© will be sold on it.
So go on it to see the jobs of young artists who have a real imaginative world!


ANUBIS - poster 30x40


I first created this image of Anubis for the flyers of an expo in Lille, but it was a shame to let it as a state of flyer because this is a great Anubis! So here is a 30x40cm poster called Holy War. You can hang it in your living room to impress your colleagues when they come to eat at your home, bringing a bottle of wine.

Anubis 30x40 poster.
5 euros! (Cheap!)



"It's a good dog!" And it's true, it's really a good lil' doggie on this poster, created for the concert of US hip-hop Listener, in Lille on April 23th.
The visual is coming from oldfashion Soviet images in the way of their research for space exploration.
So you want good sound, go to this concert, it'll be good!


A beautiful pencil drawing for a future digipack CD ordered from friends Regal Trip, electro trance music group. It will be for the inside pages, with a background and all ... The other stuff are coming, but this design with different grey level rocks... to be continued…

CANVAS - the offering



New canvas, 30x40cm, with lots of beautiful colors, a kind of sad offering penitent with a pointed hood… (nothing to see with the fuckin'-sons-of-a-bitch KKK !)
A heart under a glass dripping blood. Well, it's party time!

"Loggers entered the forest…"

a design inspired by old american cartoons from the 30's… black rotring + gray pencil on cream paper, 24x30 cm……
It's because i'm listening to the french punk alternative band Berurier Noir… they sang a song about loggers.



 HOP, a nice logo designed for the girls from Conne Action in Brest, an association of chicks that play big sound, HxC, punk ... etc. They organize shows, concerts, parties, stuff like that.

Rabid and committed, feminist and uncompromising ...
Here's a logo with a pretty blue fawn (no, nothing to do with Avatar, grrrrrr!).

Enjoy Nothing - Olympia

Here is a small pencil drawing, a kind of homage to Manet's Olympia (yes you know this painting!), in a... twenty-first century version...
With a big classic gold frame, very efficient with this drawing.

CALENDAR 2011 - sexxxy !

After the calendar made for Sergent Papers (read below), here's a second one, more personal, with an old stereotype of a pinup calendar… Well yes, on classical calendar you will find a naked girl, or kitties ! We must make choices in your life eheh !

This one is 30x40cm, with a glossy front, it's very hot !

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