My friend MacFly from Poska Nostra asked me to use my picture "Le Porteur de Lumiere" pour make t-shirts.
The result is a pretty thing, available on sand/ochre for men, little more kaki for women.

To order or infos, all is here, and MacFly is a nice guy !

you can see a larger picture of the one for girls, below

XXX PROD.© STAND in Paris, sunday september 4th

Yes, this week-end, à the bar UFO. Come, there will be friends ; the jewellery by "My Queendom For", and the marvelous screenprint posters by Art Is Nation (.com !)

And it's in a bar, so we'll be able to have a drink, eh !


sunday, september 4th from 14:00 to 20:00

bar l'UFO
49 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud - 11°
Metro : Parmentier or Oberkampf

links, FB , exhibitors, etc :

FANZINE KRONIK 5 - back to school

Eh, did you know that there is a pretty illustration i made in the fanzine Kronik #5, on the topic of childhood, schoolyears ? No, you didn't know it ? Link is here

Go and see it, it's a good team ! 



Here is a brand new screenprint, made from a hand drawing with rotring, it's a ventriloquist and his doll.
An edition on a cream paper, 30x40 with 3 inks (the first one I make!): light gray, black and GOLD! Since the time I wanted to see what it looked like with gold silkscreen!!!!!
It's a bit like the old miniatures! RRrrrrr, sweeeet !

Bonus: the size is 30x40cm, exactly the frame you can find easily in shops, to make a good presentation. Yeah, details are important!

79 numbered of copies are signed on cream paper 30 x 40 cm.
3 inks (light gray, black and gold)
On sale at 35 euros

larger image below to "learn more"



Well ... it's nearly one year ago when I started my coloring book project. I wanted something that reproduces well the codes for kids, but at the same time with my characters and their dirty mentality.
I also wanted it stays clean, "industrial look". To ape codes of innocence and purity.
And I told myself that I would work on this project without rushing me, I wanted to find a certain kind of image.

So now there is a wonderful coloring book with 12 images with a smooth and sanitized line, and a hardcover, fucking colorfull... Beautiful object, for small and big, but perhaps not for all of them eheh!

coloring book "Color Me Dark" - 12 coloring pages - 28 x 20.5 cm - 8 euros

MINETTE - the exhibition

Here, some pictures of the "Minette" exhibition , after the fanzine was printed ... you'll find details below


YEAH! A real bad pineapple, it's a sticker for a music collective from Paris. Their logo is a pineapple so they asked me to design one with my vision... a 'lil stick 8 x 5 cm, pretty well. Isn't it?

KRONIK fanzine - issue 5

May seems to be the month when zines are published obviously, because after "Minette", here "Kronik" number 5 comes out. They also asked me to make a doooooodle... I've made for them a full page image with a red background that strips! ! (No photos yet... it will not be long...)

Kronik Komics # 5 - back to school - 75 color pages - 14 x 21 cm - 5 euros
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MINETTE 6 - le magazine

Number 6 of the Minette Magazine, "plastic surgery special" is available for sale!
What the hell ? You don't even know the Minette Magazine ? That's a magazine (you know it now) made by girls, for girls! Heck yeah eh! You seriously sucks!
For this issue completely silkscrenned, the drafting team (totally irresponsible and alcoholic) asked me to make the cover! ahaha! Right... and so i also made the comm' ; flyers and stickers.
So run to buy it (well, via the Internet, you will less run!) !!!!! There are only 120 copies !!

5 euros - 16 pages (cover included) - 2 color printing (glitter black and fluo pink)
14x20 cm - 120 numbered copies
commands, info: or



a naive small pencil color drawing of a teddy bear ... Ideal for a child's room or a gothic place… make your choice…

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