After making the newsletter for "La Lune des Pirates" (It's a nice live music place in Amiens (100 km north from Paris) now the t-shirt is in store !
Very nice work in five colors in front, and a sweet little logo on the back (under the collar).
Avaible for men and women t-shirts on :


I uploaded for you photos of the two exhibition incur.
The hudge space avaible gave the possibility to show big size works and specially my painting (2m x 1,50m).
And I showed a new project : it's a plastic tarpaulin (like a wallpaper) : 1,80m x 80cm. I have the idea of producing it for a real wall... let's think about it.


After the CD sleeve for the punk-rock band "Sons of Buddha" , now two t-shirts wich will be sold on their shows.




A cute and nice painting made with color pencils only, like children.


A double exhibition in 2 tatoo fairs hold by Julien, Emilie and Jasmine in Chalons-en-Champagne and in Epernay (the capital city of Champagne !!!).

opening receptions - from 6:00pm
- the 14th of november in Epernay
- the 15th of november in Chalons-en-Champagne


Whoopsie Daisy ! Key Rings are finished ! The project was lounding since long time ago but we had some complications… Now you see 3 new productions, with a nice back (some offer word !) sold 5 euros each !



With acrylic paint, a new 30x45cm painting. The idea came from the Irak War tag line : no blood for oil.
"or rouge contre or noir" (red gold for black gold).



An anarchist heart, armed and very angry !

"I will bear the black flag, which carries the mourning of our deads and of our illusions"

    Louise Michel (french anarchist woman)



3 new stickers for the Sons of Buddha… Caw-caw !



And i drew a new personnal XXX sticker, gotta catch'em all !
5x8 cm, with a kind of depressive Mickey…

It's named "To Save or Destroy".

LA LUNE DES PIRATES - newsletter

Together with "la Petite Caille INC.", who did the programming, we were working for a long time, but now it's done. Here is the newsletter created for La Lune des Pirates, a concert hall in Amiens, France.
It will be used for one year, and maybe a little more. Changed every weeks of course ! 

Subscribe here to receive it (but in french)


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