So, friday, just before living France for 2 and half weeks in Montreal, big surprise : the LPs created by the band Sons of Buddha !
Such lovely disc produce in 500 copy numbered. My first LP… sniff. ... Lil' tear of joy… at least !
A project in which one the band wanted XXX flashy style and pretty weird for children… for good old punk-rocker ! I'm very proud anyway !

(Uuhh today is the 30th of March, Happy Birthday Doudou)


LOGO irmalinx

Logo created for IRMAlinx, a software IRMA (a french information centre for musicians).


Today such a nice day ! The sun is shining and two parcels post in the mailbox.

In the first one, new stickers and in the other t-shirts (and hoodies) !
Firstly new sticker : 6x10cm. And the back in black and white : so niiiiiiice…
You want some to stick on your fridge ? Just send us an e-mail with your personnel adress, and you will surprised your friend and your dad will be so happy !

And now you wanna wear a nice sweat or t-shirt ? Come and let's buy a knitted pullover created by XXX PROD.© !

So nice because the second parcel post contained samples of 2 new t-shirts printed by a breton brand called IKKONE. It's saleable on
was waiting for a brand witch can sale it. Done ! Unfortunately it doesn't exist for women, so women send the IkkoneMan a mail to ask him !!
And the second picture is a soda can, so evil  with a gun !

Well, there's new t-shirts, sweat shirts with or without hood ! Very good textil quality, profesionnal printing and nice finishing touches : printing in the tish (on the back instead of having a ticket), a litlle logo on the left sleeve, IK for Ikkone, the brand.

Well, 2 very nice and well-made things. So "file ta thune Trouduc' ! "


Hop hop, new canvas !! A big one (40x50cm) and it took about 80 hours only for the work of embrodery. Our Chief Canvas did a good job !

It's the biggest of the XXX family. his name is "Eros and Thanatos", back from old souvenir from philosophy lessons. And this drawing will be printed on t-shirts very soon


Yummy small animals who can play music ! This is another drawing along the same line as cats, but much less entertaining than them.


After the CD sleeve of the band "Son's of Buddha" turned out in summer 2008, Here's the vinyl disc version !!!! The first LP made by XXX prod.©, such a good news ! A kind of a personnal goal !
Vinyls will be numbered, coloured, so niiiiice !! I'm so raring to have it in my hand !!
Some news as soon as it's done…

DOODLE black and white

Today I recieved a parcel box from Lille (North of France) from Pit aka THE PIT. He sent an original sketch that we swapped. You can check his work on :
Great job, original, clever, personal. He works with a paintbrush but I don't understand how he can draw so delicate ! I may think his paintbrush does have only one sting.

Nothing at all but let's see a new black and white scratch, finished last night : 20x30cm with my friend rotring pencil 0,35 framed in a beautifully cute and rich frame. Yummy !


DEAD !!!!

Argggghhh, my best friend rotring pencil 0,35 died in case of too much ink... Shit !!!
Thankfull he make me satisfactoried... Oh my partner of caffeine evenings ! RIP…………


It's done ! We each made a new postcard with my friend Marianne-de-l'atelier-de-Marianne.
You can see the XXX PROD.© work : a deer, an axe and an electric guitar, oh boy !
So you can buy it for 1 euro, not very expensive you see !!!
(Ohhhh, it's Zzzulien's guitar, a button is missing !)



3 litlle cutty kitty cats, inspired by an old postcard from the last century. So cutty cutty !
Made with the rotring pencil…


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