A t-shirt design for the clothes catalogue "Goeland 2009". Available for men, women and also for kids !
Yum the little cake !


Here's the result of this big canvas, signed and framed in a glossy baroque pink. This one is complex, a still-life with lots of elements. It measures 40x50 cm with the frame.


 A new drawing done with ink and rotring pen. This time it's a nice little executioner with his t-shirt "gimme a kiss". One more picture with this style, ornate and dense.


A future exhibition by La Girafe, friends from Lille (in the north of France). The show is called VERSUS cose it's a collaboration with 2 artists, and Antoine Duthoit asked me to do it together with him. He draws psychedelic patterns and forms.

Cagibi - 8 rue de Wazemmes
LILLE Moulins
on the 29th of may, at 18:00
Till the beginning of july

It's a very nice place to discover, and good guys !


Here are pictures of a pack created for Konkrite, a company  based in Lille, a big town in the north of France. So you have an envelopp 22x22 cm and a poster 40x60 inside… and they even printed a sticker 8x8… 



A new canvas, 18x24cm, in its yellow frame…

Another one, with more details is coming soon. It will measure 30x40… a lot of work but we have a very efficient canvas factory !

SIG 550


Another drawing, made with pencil on light-grey paper. But a drawing with 2 parts : the mean scene, with the little rabbit from Alice…
Et the other drawing with the gun.

The gun is a SIG 550, an assault rifle of the swiss army…
Big gun…



Portrait of a little king, alone in the forest, king of not a lot left…
2-3 insects, few shrubs…

Drawn with rotring pen, a little serie. This one measures 20x14 cm.


3 stands to come :
PARIS : " DIY BOOGIE" in the musical center FGO-barbara - 1 rue Fleury - XVIIIe - PARIS
Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of April from 2:00PM to 8:00PM

CHAUMONT : self-goods fair, as part of the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival.
Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th of May

LILLE : First artist book fair in "Saint Sauveur"
Thursday the 21 and Friday the 22 of May
with the artist : Sortez la Chienne, la Girafe, Allemane… come and let's drink together smelling our nose each other !

So in order to see real object of XXX production : posters, badges, key rings, t-shirts, canvas kits…
You guys are welcome ! It's most often a great meeting and moment...


Back from Quebec, Montreal, where now you can find some XXX PROD.© stuff in 2 places :
- GLAMORT - 4411 Notre-Dame west
tatoo shop directed by Yann Black and Olive. There a space for exhibitions also. Artists tattooists, super style !

- L'ASPIRINE - 375 rue Roy east
A galery hold by the nice and talented doll-nurse and painter Fabesko !
Very "cute" place, good selection of artists, welcoming surroundings , dolls, little things everywhere…

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