As a rat who'd flee from the burning sun of this end of august month, i moved for 10 days to a garage, to make big size paintings. With paintings on the fingers, dirty jeans and old tapes from the Beasties B. or No Use For a Name. GLOP GLOP !
Heavy period, staggered times, shitty food, but it was life !

3 paintings were done. First one, this Horus, with acrylic paint, 1m x 70cm. Shinny colours, there's fluo paint, violent contrast and in the middle, this kind of sparrow, ready to fight.
The 2 other paintings, bigger, are quasi-finished. Pictures soon.

Whatever, this big size works opened new possibilities.

And to end this 10 intense days, we had a Jello Biafra concert in Paris, on the 31st of august ! This summertime was productive, with 10 new works !