book of the lyrics from Jello Biafra, in french

Rytrut, a small indie DIY publisher (with books about CRASS and other good things) was preparing a book with the songs written by Jello Biafra, translated in french. Who is Jello Biafra, i did heard this ?? Pfff, Jello Biafra, from the Dead Kennedys ! Alternative Tentacles founder . A little bit like Mike Jagger for  rock, but for US punk, and more honest, straight, active and true to his convictions. A fuckin guy !!!
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So RYTRUT just published this reams (416 pages !), all his songs with his different bands and projects since 1978, with one illustration by song. So you'll find 4 scribbles XXX PROD.© for songs "kill the poor", "I am the owl", "The myth is real lets eat" and "I am your clock" (with Lard, i like this song !)
And lots of other artissss' friends : Antoine Duthoit, Anef, Pakito, Camille Déjoué, El Rotringo, Jampur Fraize, Taga, Dav Guedin, Seb Cazes… 

For sale here, only 24 euros !!!!

(sorry, the pictures below are not very good)