Some often ask "do you have some tape left ?"… no more for several months, but it was planned to produce some again. This time, it's done ! A brand-new model, new pictos, etc… So if you want to wrap your parcels, or your x-mas presents for auntie, or to stick on your room's walls. Send an e-mail to "contact" above

66m roll - limited edition - 7 euros

eXXXpo at Cheval-Cheval - ROUEN

At last, we'll do this expo at the shop Cheval-Cheval !
Shop in Rouen (the town where Joan of Arc finished BBQed) full of creative objets, artistic creations, rock bibelots, trash, original, etc… I will bring paintings, drawings, slikscreens to pin on the walls eheh


from october 6th till end of november
 (we don't really know)
vernissage on october, saturday 6th at 18:00

34 rue des Bons Enfants - ROUEN


Come on, we'll tell bullshits, eat chips. And at 2am we'll get kick out the last open bar, and we'll end with Bibiche in someplace



A pencil drawing, it's a Ronald Mac Donald buddy, who was beatten up. With lyrics below…
Maybe this funny character will end on a silkscreen or a poster or something.


Something else; new XXX PROD.© adhesive tape will arrive very soon, it's on the factory, so to be continued………



After a short summer stay in the atelier La Carpe in Lille (F), here's this new poster 30x40cm, screenprinted with 2 colors ; dark blue and gold.
A very handsome owl, on a "mille fleur" background, with a gotic frame…

For sale on !!!

Thank you Erone and Ch'Pear for the help, the warm welcome, the tomato salad…


Logo created for the shop of my friend My Queendom For, who open this in Rouen (F). With lots of works by alternatives creators, jewels, paintings, artistic gadgets… only good things !

So, here's a horse !

Cheval Cheval
34 rue des Bons Enfants - Rouen


book of the lyrics from Jello Biafra, in french

Rytrut, a small indie DIY publisher (with books about CRASS and other good things) was preparing a book with the songs written by Jello Biafra, translated in french. Who is Jello Biafra, i did heard this ?? Pfff, Jello Biafra, from the Dead Kennedys ! Alternative Tentacles founder . A little bit like Mike Jagger for  rock, but for US punk, and more honest, straight, active and true to his convictions. A fuckin guy !!!
Read this

So RYTRUT just published this reams (416 pages !), all his songs with his different bands and projects since 1978, with one illustration by song. So you'll find 4 scribbles XXX PROD.© for songs "kill the poor", "I am the owl", "The myth is real lets eat" and "I am your clock" (with Lard, i like this song !)
And lots of other artissss' friends : Antoine Duthoit, Anef, Pakito, Camille Déjoué, El Rotringo, Jampur Fraize, Taga, Dav Guedin, Seb Cazes… 

For sale here, only 24 euros !!!!

(sorry, the pictures below are not very good)

STACY SUGAR painting

The portrait of this hot Stacy Sugar (you don't know her ?), began a couple of months, is finished at last.
Acrylic paint, with some fluo (visual agression), painted frame… 30x45 cm

silkscreen poster YAMA

New silkcreen ! The original drawing for the flyer of the exposition in Marseille, at the beginning of 2012, was so pretty with this Yama face (come on, search !) that i wanted to make silkscreen posters with it. So i've been to Le Cagibi, Lille (F) to print this poster. 30x40 cm, 2 inks on colour paper. It's very nice the white ink on this kind of paper !
Thank you Antoine Duthoit, this time again

on sale on Art Is

stand at the DIY MARKET at Paris, on the 3rd of June

XXX PROD.© will be on the 4th DIY MARKET with all his little productions (silkscreens, badges, t-shirts, coloring books, skateboards, etc…)
There will be Art Is Nation with the silkscreens too… and lots of girls who make r'n'r jewelry, drawings and so on…
sunday june the 3rd 2012 - from 14:00 to 20:00
bar UFO - 49 rue JP Timbaud PARIS XIe
M° Parmentier, Oberkampf ou Couronnes


eXXXpo in Liège, Belgium, from may the 3rd till june the 3rd

 After the expo in Marseille, freshly taken down, XXX PROD.© goes into exile in Belgium, in Liège !
I wanted to have an expo there for a long time, this time it's confirmed, it will be on the 3rd of may 2012.
Come on, you've seen this beautiful flyer i've done for you, you'll be able to pick some to pin on your closet's walls ! And to drink fucking good belgian beers


3rd may to 3rd june

vernissage on thursday june the 3rd at 19:00

You Art Gallery
en Féronstrée 133 - LIEGE (B)

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